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An Overview in One Glance

Our ``Invitation List`` function allows you to better manage your guest list. With one glance, you can easily tell who has RSVP-ed or not, their dietary restrictions and their well wishes!

Send a Reminder Message to Your Guests

Keep track of your guests RSVP and reminding them to respond is a lot of work! Send them a reminder at a click of a button. You can also inform your guests of their seating arrangements before the wedding!

Visualise Your Wedding Day Seating Plan

Our ``Seating Plan`` is a drop and drag feature that helps couples customise their wedding floor plan, layout and seating arrangement (you can assign seats for your guests!)

Create and Send Out Your HitchPlanner E-Invitation Cards

With a few clicks, you can send out electronic invitation cards so your friends and their partners can quickly RSVP to your Big Day!

Actual Day Check In

HitchPlanner ``Actual Day Check In`` function allows guest to e-check in on the actual day, so you will know who turned up!

Get Help From Your Friends

Invite your BFFs or Best Man to plan your wedding together using our Collaborator function. You can control and delegate your planning to them, with just a simple click!