Pro tips on why you should use hitchplanner seating plan vs traditional excel spreadsheet


Be a pro. Ditch the traditional way of planning and start using HitchPlanner to plan your dream wedding today.

Organizing your wedding can turn out to be a full time job. With all the arrangements necessary to be done in advance, it seems that many couples choose to postpone the wedding seating chart to the very last minutes thinking it would probably be one of the easier tasks. But on the contrary, the opposite is true. As a matter of fact, many couples confessed that postponing and organizing the wedding chart seating, AND dealing with last minute changes actually turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes they made when they organized their wedding.

The traditional approach of seating planning usually includes both partners’ families and they list it down either on paper or in an excel spreadsheet. And this may be good for smaller weddings that include only close family, but when it comes to larger weddings, this method usually causes more headaches than solutions. And here’s why:

  • It takes a lot of time & effort – Having to organize everything on paper or spreadsheet usually takes more time, especially when you have to make changes and you find yourself writing it over and over again with every new change you make; furthermore, it still requires you to spare time to write to or contact all the guests to inform them where they will be seated.
  • Organizing around people’s busy schedules is a nightmare – If you want to include others during the planning of your guests and seating lists, it is really hard to find a time when everyone is available to come, sit down and plan it out. OR you could end up being the messaging coordinator in the chat group and create more work for yourself.
  • It can be lost easily – How many times have you lost your note when it was written on a piece of paper?

So what can be the alternative?

HitchPlanner is the new, modern organization tool that modernizes and brings the organization of weddings to a new level, one that corresponds with today’s society and peoples’ busy lifestyles. Unlike the traditional methods, HitchPlanner makes this job easier, faster and it connects everyone instantly.

With few clicks, couples are able to invite their friends, bridesmaids, and everyone they want to help them with the organization. By simply creating their own wedding website they are able to inform everyone about the arrangements and send reminders, which let’s be honest, are completely necessary.

HitchPlanner seating arrangement function is probably the most important feature because it allows you to create, design and edit your seating plan for your wedding easily. It helps couples by:

  • Saving their time – They don’t have to waste time in drawing, researching and rewriting after every single change in the guest list; with HitchPlanner they can assign and change seats on the move, with just a few clicks.
  • It includes everyone – The collaborator feature helps couples invite everyone who is helping them by adding them to their wedding project, i.e the bridesmaid team, and these collaborators can stay informed and contribute in the making of the Guest list easily and from everywhere – even from their phones!
  • Visualizing the wedding day seating plan – Couples can drag and drop tables according to their venue and add tables of various shapes and numbers to their floor plan.
  • Changes can be made easily – Couples can make changes with a few clicks, instantly, regardless of where they are. They won’t have to worry about re-editing the entire plan, and more importantly they can easily inform others about the changes, without unnecessary waste of time and headaches.
  • No risk of losing the list – Everything they created is saved on HitchPlanner and they can access it easily at any time, wherever they are.
  • Informs guests in advance and at the actual day – It is so much easier when you know there won’t be any issues when guests arrive. With HitchPlanner the guests are informed in advance about their seating; they also get reminders which can come in quite handy with the forgetful relatives.
  • Saves your sanity – With the actual-day check-in function, which is another feature on HitchPlanner, couples get a chance to track guests’ attendance on their wedding day and be in control over everything without breaking a sweat and running around on their actual wedding day.

With so many benefits just simply by using HitchPlanner to plan out your dream wedding, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account now at https://www.hitchplanner.com to try it out today!

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