General FAQ

How do I create a HitchPlanner account?

You can create a HitchPlanner account using either your email, Facebook, or Google.

What's the catch? Do i have to pay for a HitchPlanner account?

Absolutely not! It is completely free for you, your partner, and your collaborators (bridesmaid/groomsmen)! Our vision is to revolutionize the entire wedding planning process. No more crazy spreadsheets, spamming multiple messages to your partner or your wedding planner, and then getting lost in the midst of them. HitchPlanner will be an integrated all-in-one platform where you can sync your wedding tasks and plan wherever you are. (And you can keep some of your sanity too)

I am going to have a huge wedding (>200 guests). My guest list is exploding and i'm losting track of them. How can HitchPlanner help me?

We have created and designed HitchPlanner so it caters to weddings of all sizes. HitchPlanner is made to scale! But if you have a big wedding (>200 guests), HitchPlanner would save you lots of time!

I just need to use HitchPlanner Seating Arrangement feature to organise my guest list and keep track of the RSVPs. Can i just use one of your features, instead of all of it?

Sure! Just simply create an account and start adding your guests and organise them into categories such as, “Work colleagues”, “Footy club friends” etc. You, your partner and your collaborators can add guests simultaneously, create e-invitations and send them to your guests! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

What devices does HitchPlanner supports?

HitchPlanner website works on all modern web browsers and is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile browsers. Seating layout is currently only desktop enabled, stay tune for future updates. We are also planning on launching HitchPlanner app on iOS and Android devices in the near future!

How secure is the HitchPlanner website?

You get to choose who your collaborators are. Your wedding details is only viewable and editable by the collaborators that you’ve invited. You can control who to allow access to at any time. Your personal data is encrypted within HitchPlanner and our servers, as well as between different sub-systems on HitchPlanner servers. In other words, HitchPlanner is really, really secure. Also, we will never sell your personal information. (Don’t worry, we are good people.)”

How do I get help when I have a question or encountered a bug?

If you can’t find an answer here or are facing some issues with your account contact us at [email protected] and we will get to it asap.

I am helping out with a couple of weddings as a collaborator, does HitchPlanner support multiple wedding events?

Yes! As a Collaborator, you can manage and access the different wedding events on the Project page. (that would be the first page after you log in) Or you can go to “Menu” button and select “Switch Project”.

I forgot my password to my account

Click on “Forget my password” and we will send you a link to reset your password

Wedding Invitation Website

What is a wedding invitation website?

You can create your own invidiual wedding website to include details of your wedding. Your wedding website will also serve as a RSVP page for your guest to respond to your invite! You don’t need any tech expertise, we have made it very simple! 3 clicks and you are done 🙂

and how do I create one?

From your dashboard, navigate to “Wedding Invitation”.
First, choose your template that best suit your wedding. Next add in details of your wedding that you want your guest to know (eg. theme, time for guest to be seated at etc). At this stage, you can decide if you want to set a password for your wedding website. Remember to click “Save template” for any changes! Next, preview your page. Not happy with it? Click back to make changes. Once you are done, you can send out your e-invitation via your invitation list, or via “Direct RSVP” (Ps. you can copy and paste the direct RSVP link to send your guest via whatsApp if you don’t have their email address)

PS. You can come back to edit your page at any time (Even after you have send out the link. All changes will be made live immediately)

Guests & RSVPs

Does my guests need to create an account on HitchPlanner to accept my invitation?

No, we have have it fuss-free for your guests by generating a unique URL for each guests. This can be sent directly as a text message or email so all they have to do is to choose “Yes” or “No” (they can also indicate notes for the Bride & Groom). Your guest can also indicate if they will be bringing their +1.

How do I invite my guests?

There are a few ways to send invites to your guest.

1. E-invite via email: Send your invites in bulk by clicking “Send invites” in the HitchPlanenr platform.

2. HitchPlanner is intergrated with Facebook: Send your invites by Facebook Messenger.

3. Text Message/ Whatsapp/ Social Platform: With our customisable wedding webpages, send your webpage link for your guest to RSVP too Track all the RSVPs on HitchPlanner’s dashboard

For those who are bringing a significant other or family members to the wedding, are they able to RSVP on their behalf?

Yes, your guests can RSVP for their partner or family member or child. They can do so easily by clicking on “additional guests” or “children” in their RSVP response.

Is there a limit on the number of guests I can add to HitchPlanner? I am going to have 1000+ people on my list!

The more the merrier. We have created HitchPlanner to cater to all sizes, however HitchPlanner would be really useful for big weddings like yours!

Is it possible to add dietary restrictions on to the e-invites for guests to include when they RSVP?

Yes, in your e-invitation, you can include an option for your guest to choose (“Halal” or “Vegetarian”). You may also inform your guest to indicate their preference in the notes section.

Is it possible to add baby chair options on to the e-invites for guests to include when they RSVP?

Yes, in your e-invitation, you can include an option for your guest to choose if a “baby chair” is required. You may also inform your guest to indicate their preference in the notes section.

What happens if I do not have my guest email address? How can I send them a e-invite them?

You can send them a link to RSVP for themselves and(or) their partners. They will not need to register with HitchPlanner to RSVP. Alternatively, you can also add confirmed guests for guests that have given you a confirmation of their attendance. See Invitation List FAQ for more information.

I only want to let guests who are on my guestlist to RSVP. Do you support that?

We allow users to send a general RSVP link to guest with no email address to RSVP. Your RSVP link will not be searchable on search engines which means only you and your guest will have the link

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Seating Chart

I would like to inform my guests where they will be seated on the actual day. Can I do that on HitchPlanner?

Yes, once you are ready, you can send a copy of your seating plan to your guest to let them know which table and which seat they are assigned too! Your guest will only be able to see which seat and table they are allocated too, all other guest information will be privatised.

I need to add a table to my floor plan. How can I do that?

Go to “Layout” option on your Seating Chart and add away! (Select the number of additional tables you’d like to add to your floor plan!) You can also add tables of different shapes and pax!

I want my tables to be lay out in a certain way

Certainly, customise your ideal wedding floor plan by using our “Layout” option. You can drag and drop tables to resemble your actual day table arrangement!

What is the "Seating Arrangement" function

After you have assigned your guests to their seats, use “Seating Arrangement” to review and reassignment guest seats! (So Aunt Lucy and Uncle Dale won’t be creating a scene at your wedding!)

What does "Seats Not Assigned" function do?

For busy people planning their weddings, this feature allows the Bride & Groom to have a quick look to see which guests are seat-less so they can quickly assign seats to the remaining guests.

Invitation List

Steps to getting started

1. Create category for guests – team bridesmaids, university mates etc

2. Add your guests. We will require their email address to send an e-invite too. Don’t have their email address? No problem, skip to section B

3. Once you have finish adding your guests, click on “Wedding Invitation”

4. Create and customise your wedding page 5. Once you are done, go ahead and send your wedding invitations!

Section B Have a relative or a friend that you don’t have an email address of?

1. From your wedding dashboard (home page – just above your wedding count down) there is a “General URL”. Your friends and family will be able to RSVP for themselves and their partners. Any new RSVP accepted or rejected will appear on your Invitation List.

Why aren't my guests RSVP-ing to my e-invites?

Ask them to check their Spam mail! Also, you can send guests who have not responded by sending them a reminder with a click of a button!

I'm going to have a lot of guests! I need help!

That’s why we are here for! You can get started by creating category for your different guests – we have given you a default lists to start. Next, you can start adding guests based on their categories!

Actual Day Check In

What is this function for?

You can think of HitchPlanner as your wedding maître d. With the “actual day check in” function, you can track which guests have arrived. At a click of a button, you can check in guests as they arrive. Switch it to “Map” view to see the overall view of attendance.

What if I have unexpected guests arriving on my wedding day?

With the actual day check in function, in one glance you will know which seats are available so that you can assign your guests with seats right away – no fuss at all.

Can I send my guests their table or seat number in advance so they know where they are seated?

Of course! With HitchPlanner, you can send your guests their seat and table number before the wedding!

What if my guests missed out on that email and came to my wedding not knowing where they are seated?

You can do a quick search by typing their name into our search bar (in the “Actual day check in” function) to find the exact table and seat that your guest should be seated.